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Welcome to Chad Meyer's Japanese Study Program

This is a site designed to help intermediate and advanced students of the Japanese language further develop their language skills.

This site works by having the user create lists of kanji or words they wish to study and then using these lists in Review applets. Words can be added to lists by either directly finding words in the Dictionary, to performing queues on the database to find words that match your criteria. Once you have a list with all the words you want, go to the Review section to review it. There are example lists pre-created for visitors to try out. For more information please visit the How to use section.

Since UNO is no longer hosting this site, I no longer have access to the database therefore I lost all previously created accounts and need to re-create the databases. This site will therefore be under partial functionality until I can complete this.

This site is meant for educational purposes. Account creation is free. I'm not going to use your E-Mail addresses for anything. Please don't attempt to perform malicious activities to this site.

Please note that in order to view this site correctly your browser needs to be able to view Unicode web pages. In order to use the quizzes found on this site you will need to have the latest version of Java installed on your computer and have Japanese fonts installed.