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This Project was started early 2005 as my honors thesis for my UNO undergraduate path. I thought up this project a few years back trying to think of a way to increase my vocabulary as most programs that teach Japanese only teach you the basics, and I was at an intermediate level. I later decided to create this project as my thesis as I needed one to graduate thought the honors program.

This site was previously hosed by The University of Nebraska at Omaha, but is now hosted by Nearly Free The script used to parse the XML dictionary files (see credits) is written in Perl. The SQL database software was originally PostGreSQL, but was converted to MySQL when I started hosting it myself. The scripting language used on this web site is PHP. The quizzes on this web site are Java Applets.


I am currently employeed for the Union Pacific Railroad in their OSG Department. I am currently attending classes as a graduate student at the University of Nebraska of Omaha's Peter Kiewit institute of technology, with current prospects showing a 2012 graduation date. My hobbies include computer stuff, studying Japanese, and playing video games. My dream job has been putting those three things together into a job translating Japanese video games. As you can see I'm not very interesting.