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Chad Meyer is the author of this site. He designed, wrote, and runs this project out of his dorm.

The Japanese dictionary files used are maintained by Jim Breen. Permission for use is granted under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Licence. Information on these files can be found here. The dictionaries files used from this site are the JMDICT and KANJIDIC2. This site fully intends to follow the usage guidelines set by the license.

The information used in determining the JLPT level of words come from the JLPT lists provided at JLPT vocabulary lists. ©2001 Thierry Bezecourt

This site is hosted by Nearly Free Thanks goes to the Peter Kiewitt Institute for agreeing to host this site previously.

David W. Hinton Former Dean of the University of Nebraska of Omaha's Peter Kiewit Institute's Computer Science division was my advisor for this project.

Take-Sensei, Japanese teacher at the University of Nebraska of Omaha for giving advise on this project.

Mohammad Shafiullah for getting this site operating on the University's servers for those years.