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How to use the Dictionary

The Dictionary section will allow you to find words in the database by either their reading, or their English definition.

On the left side of the screen you will see a mini-search bar as well as your last 5 searches.

In the main area of the page you will see a Search prompt.

  • Use reading if you want to search for the reading of the word in Japanese
    • You can enter the search term in
      • Romanji
      • Hiragana
      • Katakana
      • Kanji
    • You can match by any of these methods
      • From the start
      • From the end
      • For an exact term
      • For a match anywhere
  • Use Definition if you want to search for the English definition of the word
    • This must be done in English
    • You can match by either of these methods
      • Exact match (note does not match notebook)
      • Fuzzy match (note does match notebook)
  • Limiting to commonly used words will give you the best results

Once you get your matches back they will be organized in alphabetical order with the more common words on the top. If a word has kanji in it you can click the symbol to get information on the kanji.

You can add words individually to word lists if you are logged on and have one created. At the bottom of the page is a link to a legend that explains the abbreviations.