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I started this project in early 2005. I had been thinking about doing something like this for a while and I needed to write a thesis so I decided to go ahead with it. After a hard time finding a full time teacher who could help me with this, I finally was directed to Stanley Wileman Jr. who agreed to be an advisor for this project.

I first was going to go with a MySQL database, but found PostGreSQL find my needs better. I spent 50+ hours writing a Perl script to import an xml Japanese dictionary file (see credits). I'm still making modifications on the script from time to time. I next spent another 50+ hours writing the Java Applet code, which as of this writing needs an overhaul. My next 50+ hours was spent on writing the web site prototype. It worked only in Firefox and was pretty ugly looking. After finishing all that I was able to put up a prototype on the Internet. I left that up there until December 2005 when I finally had the time and motivation to work on phase 2.

Site is pretty much done. All thats left is fixing bugs and minor work. As life goes on I probally won't update the site much, but I will keep it operational.



Site should be 100% operational. Database has been converted, and all code should be up to date. Let me know if you find any bugs.


Been a while since last update. Site has been down for sometime over a month since server at UNO stopped responding. Rather then try to get someone at UNO fix it, I figured it was time for me to start hosting it myself. Problem is DB is in postgre, and my current host is mysql. Now I need to convert the site to work for It will take a while, but shouldn't be too difficult.


Put in better bot detecting code. I don't like how bots count as vistors for each page they look at. Moved thie site over to the University to host.


Updated the dictionary files to a more recent version. Getting files ready to port over to the University's Server.


Haven't been working on the this page much since its mostly complete and I'm busy with graduation, work, moving, certifications etc. I did however update the counter so it won't count bots as hits anymore. I'm resetting the counter to 0 to reflect this change (85000+ hits right now). Problem I have right now is the only high speed ISP where I'm moving to is COX, and they block port 80 which prevents me from hosting this out of my new apartment. The University agreed to host my site and until they get it operational next month or so I will move this over to a temporary site.


Presented my thesis, looks like it went over well. I only had 8 minutes so I wasn't able to show the entire site however. While I'm sure there are still a few bugs to work out, I have it at a point where I'm ready to turn it in, since its due on the 22nd I think. Last change is updating some pages to reflect some modifications to make a couple of the applets run smoother.


Cleaned up the code, wrote about half of the documentation, and cleaned up typos and such on some pages. Been fixing alot of bugs, mostly in the applets. I have to present this on April 5, and it looks like it is ready for presenting.


Applets are done. Now all I have to do is find bugs, clean up code, clean up pages, and write some information on it.


Finished up the Lesson applets. Included in that are the Hiragana, Katakana, Verb, and Adjective Applets. Posted them to the review section and I am now moving on to the Kanji applets with Word Applets to follow.


Hard drive on the PC I was using to code went out. Almost lost a week of work but recovered it. Now I have finished the Hiragana and Katakana applets and have written the underlying applet pages. Once I finish the Verb and Adjective applets I will get it functioning correctly.


The web portion is mostly complete. I made a logo and just need to update the how to user pages regarding how to use the site now that the design is complete. Once I'm done with that I need to work on the Java Applets.


Have the dictionary mostly complete. Still need to format the output a little better and tie it into the lists. Thinking I should somehow have a clear explanation on the front page how the lists work.


Got around to creating another entry on the history page. Since the 21st I've gotten accounts working and I have also gotten about 1/2 of the wordlists page working. Should be done by the end of the week. After that I'm moving on to the dictionary.


Created this page and moved my notes onto this page. Been a long break since I worked on this project. Read above for more details.


Pretty much finished with everything save the lessons section. This section of course will take quite a while. Kanji and Vocabulary review are working just fine, smoothed out many bugs over the last month. I haven't fully testing it so there may be a few tinks, but everything looks fine to me. Now I need to go over Japanese language books and figure out a useful manner in which to give lessons on as well as how to make the applets for them. I suppose I might be able to have the quizzes use JavaScript if I tried hard enough.


Been a while since I updated this page. Got a lot completed actually. Fixed a small bug in the generation script so I need to re-create the database again. Problem is small so I'm going to hold out on doing it for a while. I finished the Kanji and Vocabulary pages of my thesis. Now I'm working on the review section. Once I get the pages how I want them I will finish work on the applet and put it into place. I'm still worried about the permissions however. In April I spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to get an applet to allow DB connections and POST permissions. I'm going have to figure that out soon.


Just because I haven't updated in a month doesn't mean I'm not doing anything. I've made some more improvements to the pages, although I still need help on the page scheme. The majority of my work is concentrated on the Java applet that will be used for quizzing purposes. That's around 1/2 completed, and since its also my final project for my Java class it will be completed relatively soon hopefully.


Finally got something put up, not much however. I'm concerned about the overall page layout since I'm notoriously bad at choosing good schemes. In any case until I can get help with that I plan on just doing some code segments.


Made changes to the Perl script to increase the usability of the dictionary file. I plan on making another change latter to help out the kanji database. Managed to get PostGreSQL working in PHP. Seems it was looking for the DLL in the windows folder, NOT the PHP folder where it belongs. Plan on spending a lot of time the week working on the web page, hopefully will get some functionality up


I've finished the main Perl script except for creating a few tables whose schemas I haven't decided on yet. I have version 1 of the kanjiref XML file completed (1st grade kanji only) and I'm around 1/2 done with version 1 of the category XML file. Once I get done with the category XML file I'm going to have the dictionary complete installation and then proceed to write some underlying web page scripts.


I've solved all of the problems I've been having with the Perl script. Unfortunately to accurately create lists of words based on the JLPT lists, there are a lot of words that need to be manually selected to be added into the database. The Perl script will be completed once I write two XML file, one for categories of words, and one for important words made with the kanji. The category one is half completed right now, but I have a lot of schoolwork that has piled up so it might be a while until I've completed them. I'm going to look into finishing the Perl script so all I have to finish is the XML files.


Since last weekend I've spent at least 48 hours on the Perl scripts. I changed database to PostGreSQL from MySQL since it had a graphical interface. I have most of the PERL script written and would have had it complete by now if I wasn't having problems getting the DBD-PgPP Perl package to work. I'm trying to get the DBD-PG package instead, but it seems I have to manually compile that one. If I fail to get the package to work, I'm going to have to switch databases again so it might push me back even further from working on the main part of the project. Once I get the script finished and working properly I'm going to install it on the stable thesis site.

Currently working on writing an XML script to sort words by categories while I work on compiling the DBD-PG module. If I can actually get it to work, the script should get done within a few hours. Still thinking of a name for the project, so far I'm thinking along the lines of "Chad Meyer's Japanese Lessons" or something. (All the other major Japanese resource sites are organized by the name of the person who made it, so....)

Still haven't found a full-time instructor to sign onto the project, if I don't have one by the end of this week I'm going to go to the honors office and ask for advice.

So many good video games coming out this week so I hope I don't get too far behind.


Installed my SQL on both systems and added this page. Need to write a Perl Script to parse the dictionary and to configure the databases. 3 tests this week so probably be a while. Also I need to think about a color scheme.