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Kanji Stroke Practice

This review allows you to practice writing Kanji. See below for instructions.

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Stroke Practice

You will be shown the definitions, On readings, and Kun readings of a kanji on the right side of the screen. On the left side of the screen draw the kanji using your mouse. Triple or Right click to clear the drawing area. Click Show/Hide to show or hide the kanji you should have drawn. Click on either Meanings, On Readings, or Kun Readings to hide the respective information. Click Next to move on to another Kanji. Click on Ignore this card to not see the card again until you restart the applet. Click on Remove from List to stop seeing this Kanji in Applets.

Kanji Review

This section will allow you to review all the kanji shown in the applet. Select a kanji from the left and information about it will be displayed. If a kanji is marked as shown it will appear normally in the quiz. If a kanji is skipped it won't appear again until you restart the applet. If a kanji is disabled it will not be displayed.