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Katakana Review

This review allows you to review and practice your katakana skills. See below for instructions.


This review method will display a randomly constructed word in katakana, and have you insert the romanization form of the word below. Clicking Skip or Tab will show the answer and then move to the next word. Click Guess or press Enter to have what you entered converted to katakana and see if it was correct or not. To increase or decrease how long the word is, use the lower-left hand corner.


This review method will display a romanized word, and have you write the word in katakana in the white area below it. You can also use paper, as writing it down for real is better practice. Once you have it written down, click the Show button to see the word in katakana so you can see if you were correct or not. Click Next to generate a new word. To increase or decrease the size of the word generated use the lower-left hand corner.

Katakana Review

This section will allow you to review all katakana shown in the applet, and let you enable or disable the showing of particular katakana.