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Reading Practice

This review allows you to practice pronouncing words. See below for instructions.

Please Select a List to review

Reading Practice

In the upper left corner will be how a word is spelled if it is written using Kanji. In the upper right corner will be what the word means. In the blank below you type how to pronounce the word and press Enter or click Guess. To skip a word press Skip or press Tab. Click on Ignore this card or 2 to not see the card again until you restart the applet. Click on Remove from List or 3 to stop seeing this word in Applets.

Word Review

This section will allow you to review all the words shown in the applet. Select a word from the left and information about it will be displayed. If a word is marked as shown it will appear normally in the applet. If a word is skipped it won't appear again until you restart the applet. If a word is disabled it will not be displayed anywhere but on this page.