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This site is designed to help people learn Japanese. This is done by letting the user create lists of words/kanji they would like to study, and then using those lists in review applets. You can add words/kanji to lists by either searching for a particular term in the dictionary, or by performing a queue.

There are 5 different sections of this web-site. The dictionary allows you to search for words in the database, and add them to your lists once found. The Kanji section is used performing queues to find kanji to study. The Vocabulary section is used for performing queues to find words to study. The Review section is used for studying your lists via Java applets. The Manage Lists section allows you to add/create/rename lists as well as allowing you to remove words from the lists.

The Japanese on this site is not displayed in romanji. If you cannot read hiragana or katakana you will have a hard time with this site. There are applets in the Review section that will help you study them.

Please select from the left hand menu what section you would like more information on.