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How to use the Vocabulary Section

The Vocabulary Section allows you to perform queues on the database of Japanese words to get lists of words matching your criteria.

The left side of the screen will show you your current word lists and the size of them. You can click on them to see all the words in the lists.

In the main area of the page is a form where you specify the criteria you wish to search for. You can find words based on

  • Kanji used in the words
  • Word types (nouns; verbs; etc)
  • JLPT level
  • Highest grade of kanji used (grade 1 uses only 1st grade kanji; etc)
  • Limit to the more commonly used words (recommended)
  • Limit to words that are usually written using hiragana alone (ignoring their kanji)
  • Limit to katakana only words
Some searches will get you no results, while others will get you too many so be careful.

You can either immediately append the results onto a list or you can individually view words and then add them onto your lists.

Please be careful when making lists, it is harder to study if you have too many in them.