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How to Manage Lists

This section allows you to create, delete, sort, and manage the lists you have created.

On the left side of the screen you have menus that will display your lists as well as the default lists. Click on one in order to view more information on the list. From here you see how many kanji/words are in the list. You also have the option to

  • Enabled all disabled kanji/words
  • Delete all disabled kanji/words
  • Rename the list
  • Delete the list
  • Submit changes
Submitting changes will save all the changes to the kanji/words you selected below.

In the main section of the Manage List Screen you have 4 options

  • Create new Kanji List
  • Create new Word List
  • Sort Kanji Lists
  • Sort Word Lists

Creating a new list will have you enter a new name for a list as well as decided whether or not you want the list to be pre-populated with kanji/words from an existing list.

Sorting lists will ask you to order the lists in order from 1-25. After you sort the lists the lowest numbered list will appear first when viewing them from now on, with the highest numbered one last.